I am sure you must have met many double-faced people in your life.

Learn how to overcome hypocrisy; learn good manners; good manners are one of the characteristics of the dwellers of paradise; what is adaab – the complete behavioural manners of the prophet [peace be upon him].

Whether you believe in God or is an atheist, it is in human nature to hate double-faced people. Hypocrisy is indeed one of the most despised characteristics within a human….

It is a disease that needs to be uprooted. It is a sickness of the heart.

Even we hate this aspect, many people are not conscious of their hypocrite nature.

They take it as normal. It has become a second nature and they practise it in their daily life without realising that they have the most hateful attitude.

Truthfulness is a sign of faith , just as lying is a sign of hypocrisy. Whoever is truthful will be saved .

Remember, the believers are honest in their dealings with people. They do not present a smiling face to others while despising them behind their backs.
The Prophet [pbuh]  said, “The worst of people in Allah’s sight, on the Day of Resurrection, will be the two-faced person, who comes to one group of people with one face and to another group with a different.”
Sahih Al Bukhari, vol.8, p.53, no.84 and Sahih Muslim, vol.4, p.1342, no.6135 and p.1374, no.6300

A man will keep telling the truth and striving to do until he will be recorded with Allah as a truthful. And a man will keep telling lies and will persist in doing so until he will be recorded with Allah as a liar. – hadith

Taqwa & Good Character

“The Prophet (peace be upon him) established a relationship between the fear of Allah and good character, because fearing Allah improves the relation between the servant and Allah, and good character improves the relation between a person and others. Therefore, fearing Allah makes it possible for Allah to love him, and good manners makes it possible for people to love that person.”  [al-Fawwaid]



May Allah guide us all towards the best of manner, and purify our hearts from all diseases.