Please admire some of the beautiful mosques around the world

It is always touching to see Muslims and Mosques around the world, isn’t it?

This is the pink mosque in the province of Magindanao, Philippines

mosquee rose philippines


This mosque is near Xinjiang china

mosquee chine

This one is in tunisia

mosque tunisiaT

This is the Crystal mosque in Malaysia, Terrenganu

masjid in malaysia the crystal masjid teregganu

masjid 3


Alexandria, Egypt



Sultan Ahmet, Istanbul

An Noor mosque at night

[photos taken from the internet]


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The Qur’an saved in Turkey


What about a bride with purdah?


Bridal pictures with hijab [nikah]





 Image result for bridal with hijab




New beach fashion burkini for women who want to swim decently

Alhamdulillah, sisters have no excuses today to say that they need to show their bodies while swimming

Sports are very important activities in the life of any individual. Unfortunately, many Muslims neglect this aspect of life. they concentrate too much of the theoretical aspect of Deen. Islam is complete and if we want to stay healthy, we need [men and women alike] to practise sports: either cricket, volley-ball, beach volley; or it can simply be some footing…

These two models are meant for swimming but there are other simpler models for swimming that are available in shops.