To be a child again…let’s do it


On the wealth in your life:

Whoever is rich from inside, will bring others to that richness

On clearing your mind of all thoughts:

Don’t underestimate the value of doing nothing, of just going along, listening to all the things you can’t hear, and not bothering.

On the value of dreams:

dream, do not stop dreaming until your mind is convinced that your dream can become true….

On the benefits of laughing at your own faults:

It prepares you to accept that you are not perfect and never will….

On the beauty of silence:

Silence can make the worst idiot look smart and the worse tyrant, sympathetic. From time to time, learn to overcome the addict of talking too much….

On finding joy in everything:

It keeps you in contact with your childhood ….to be a child is so amazing and never boring….


On not overthinking:

Thinking too much, can get you doing really nothing….try not to think and let go of the ego…

On unselfishness:

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.

To Allah: Victory lies in your Mighty Hands

I refuse to be discouraged,to be sad, or to cry;

I refuse to be downhearted, and here’s the

reason why:

I have a God who’s mighty, Who is Sovereign

and Supreme;

I have a God who loves me, and by His Divine

grace I’m on His team.

He is all-wise and powerful. Allah is His name;

Though everything is changeable, My God

remains the same.

My God knows all that’s happening; from

Beginning to the end;

His presence is my comfort; He is my dearest

Friend, may I say so.

When sickness comes to weaken me, To bring

my head down low,

I call upon my mighty God;

When circumstances threaten to rob me of my peace;

He draws me close Him, Where all my strivings


When my heart melts within me, and weakness

takes control;

He gathers me into His arms, He soothes my heart and soul.

I refuse to be defeated coz I know Him Ar


He has promised to be with me, and He never

leaves us bare handed

My prayers have reached Him

I give God thanks for standing by my side

The battle’s His, the victory mine; He’ll help me

win the race.

Alhamdulillah, I can do all things through Allah

who strengthens me!

Value each precious moment of your life…

Value Each Precious Moment………

Morning Brings up Hope, Afternoon

Brings Faith,

Evening Brings Love & Night Brings


Wish U Find them All Today…





Try smiling

Try Smiling

When the weather suits you not,

Try smiling.

When the coffee isn’t hot,

Try smiling.

When your neighbors don’t do right,

Or your relatives all fight,

Sure ’tis hard, but then you might

Try smiling.

Just smiling.

But it cannot make them worse –

– Just smiling.

And it seems to help your case,

Brightens up a gloomy place,

Then, it sort o’ rests your face —

Just smiling.

God never fails in His promise; what He says He does

Many people live their lives unaware of the existence of God. If they believe in God, their belief is part of a whole. Some believe in God but their actions betray them. Some believe in themselves and deny the capacity of God. What is God consciousness and why do we need to be fully aware of His existence?


There is a time when things seem to stand still

We struggle and battle our rage out.

Then slowly, we enter into a communion with God

May be He will answer our call, if we turn to Him

Yet, we feel desperate.

So many days have passed and we feel so abandoned

Does He really hear our complaint?

Does He really listen?

There are times when we really cannot bear the sufferings, let alone the time of waiting for something to really happen…

And it is at this time, where everything stumbles and falls apart….

Amother who is ill

A sister who departs

A business that work no more…

A result that turns negative…

And the attempt to knock at God’s door once again….

And finally a voice is heard:

Knock, knock with insistance

Show your eagerness to win the test

Do not lose hope for He is here and listen

To every distressed soul

The true time to supplicate is after midnight’s hour

When all are fully asleep, and you have waken up for His sake alone

Do pray and you will soon be gratified….

This is a promise from your Lord and His promises never fail

   Author: Ammaara Uddeen 


by: James Aldrich (1810-1856)

A death bed

  • ER suffering ended with the day,

  • Yet lived she at its close,

  • And breathed the long,

  • long night away,

  • In statue-like repose.

    But when the sun in all his state Illumed the eastern skies,

  • She passed through Glory’s morning gate

  • And walked in Paradise.

A new strength

There are times in every life

When we feel hurt or alone…

But I believe that these times when we feel lost

and all around us seems to be falling apart

are really bridges of growth.

We struggle and try to recapture the security of what was,

but almost in spite of ourselves…

we emerge on the other side

with a new understanding,

a new strength.

It is almost as though

we must go through the pain

and the struggle

in order to grow

and reach new heights.

– Sue Mitchell

Naina’s poem

Here we stand, apart, not touching, not looking.
Tomorrow is our nikah.
But today, it is as if we are standing at the edge of the sea, the tide coming in to meet us.
We are almost ready to plunge into the rolling surf and swim out to the world of tomorrow, with its far-off horizon.
Families, words of praise and recommendation, questions and shy glances are behind us now.
You have seen what pleases you.
And I have seen what pleases me.
But I have not seen your heart.
And you have not seen mine.

And so now, before our fates are inextricably entwined, I will bare my heart to you.
Without reservations, I will show you the core of my being.
I am like a sapling, a tender sapling, whose roots reach eagerly to drink life’s goodness.
Take care when you hold the tender sapling between your fingers.

I was created by Allah, a delicate seed, born of my mother and father’s love.
My mother nurtured me in her womb
where an angel blew a soul into my tiny form.
My mother’s body cradled me and I breathed of her air.
She nourished me from herself and spoke love to me in the darkness.

I was born into the love of my parents and I began to grow.
Seed became seedling under their care and attention.
They showered me with praise, and my self-esteem sprouted.
They guided me with kindness and my character blossomed.
They weeded the world around me so that I could grow strong and pure.
And now that my first buds are about to open, they have entrusted me to you.

How will you tend me?

Will you coax my buds to unfurl with words of love and kind attention?
Or will you pluck them before they’re ready, crushing their new petals and delicate stems?

When I bring forth delicate blossoms of talent and inspiration,
Will you smile at their dreaming petals and share in the blush of hope?
Or will you watch as blossoms wither under your disapproving gaze,
Your criticism, your scorn, and your self-righteous censure?

Will you guide my wilder branches, gently, coaxing them to grow straight and true?
Or will you simply break off the ones that displease you, trampling them carelessly underfoot?

And when, insha Allah, I come to bear your children, will you continue to water me?
Or will you pluck those precious fruits, one by one, and turn away from the empty branches?

And when my trunk grows wide and thick with age, will you marvel at my strength?
Or will you recoil from touching my rough, brown bark?

When the years have become mere memories, will you admire how tall we have grown?
Or will your restless, selfish heart long to reach out for another sapling?

When I am as weak as the waving branches of a weeping willow – will you protect me?
When I am as strong as the trunk of the mighty Redwood tree – will you support me?
When I am as wise as the age rings of the old, old oak tree – will you respect me?
When I am as foolish as the fickle blossoms of early Spring – will you be patient with me?
When I am as fragile as the flowers of a jasmine tree – will you keep me safe?
When I am as bold as the roots that break through concrete – will you believe in me?

How will you tend me?

For now I have shown you my heart, its dreams, its hopes and fears.
Look carefully as we stand at the edge of the water.
Are you willing to bare your soul and show your heart to me?
So that I feel safe as the two of us swim on out to sea.

Remember that I am like a sapling, a creation of Allah.
Take care when you hold me between your fingers.

Sent by Humayra


A poem by naima

I wake before dawn.
No muadhin calls me,
No footsteps stir me,
Instead society spurns me,
Labels me and burns me.
But everyday,
I wake before dawn.

I wear my hijab.
No father threatens me,
No religious police warn me,
Instead society judges me
Mocks me and shuns me.
But everyday,
I wear my hijab.

I rear my children.
No family pressures me,
No work barriers limit me,
Instead society shames me,
Names me and blames me.
But everyday,
I rear my children.

I follow the Sunnah.
No culture defines me,
No history holds me,
Instead, society scolds me,
Re-makes and moulds me.
But every day, I follow the Sunnah.

I strive for Paradise.
No teachers indoctrinate me,
No worldly hardships sedate me,
Instead society rejects me,
Tempts me and affects me.
But every day, I strive for

I worship my Lord.
No imam compels me,
No rules force my heart,
Instead, society fears me,
And dares not come near me.
But every day, I worship my Lord.

Every day,
In every way,
Through hardship and strife
And the all-consuming,
O so fleeting
Bitter sweetness of life,
I worship my Lord.

I worship

My Lord.

Sent by Humayra