The Evil System established to enslave people

This is  [part] of an interview done by Magazine Forteresse about what is an Evil System. Interviewee: Sister Ammaara Uddeen
Question:  What do you mean by evil system?
Answer:Any system, any organization, any structure, any form of thought that contradicts what Allah, who is the Creator of all human beings [not just you and me] has planned for mankind, is an evil system!!!!  Allah has not created human beings to live according to their own whims and desires. NO. Allah has given mankind a direction to follow. This direction is called hidayat [guidance]. Al Hidayat is obligatory for the survival of mankind on earth and after earth-life. It is interesting to note that the passage of mankind on earth is short lived. 
Coming back to your question: If for some reasons, a few people decide to establish a system, a model of life, which opposes the plan of Allah, this will naturally create a huge chaos in the society and threatens many lives.
Question: Where can this ‘good’ system be found?
Answer: This system has been explained throughout the Qur’an. Muslims and non-Muslims alike often view the Qur’an as a religious Book. It is sad. We are not giving to the Qur’an its true worth. Muslims read the Qur’an because their ancestors used to read it and they want to get some rewards out of it. The truth is, the Qur’an is hidayat – true guidance for mankind. It brings any individual towards awareness and consciousness. The Qur’an has a solution for our problems, difficulties and confusion. The Qur’an has the unique appeal to address each individual according to his level of thought, his problem, his reality….This is why it should be read with understanding. You cannot read a Book in a language that you do not understand, except when you read the Qur’an for tilawat or for memorisation and for other good reasons; however, if you want hidayat and you want to progress in your life, you need to read the Quran with full understanding, you need to stop from time to time to reflect and ask yourself how you are supposed to change your whole mind set with these Divine Words?
Didn’t Allah say: ” (This is) a Book (the Qur’an) which We have sent down to you, full of blessings that they may ponder over its verses, and that men of
understanding may remember [38:29].”
Question: So, according to you Muslims are not reading the Qur’an with understanding?
Answer: Sadly no!!! The vast majority of Muslims are following a system which is not the System of Allah. They read the Qur’an, they perform salah, they are not convinced to change their lives accordingly; except some few things, here and there. Allah says in surah Furqan verse 77 : ” Say: My Lord would not care for you were it not for your prayer; but you have indeed rejected (the truth), so that which shall cleave shall come.” Truth is found in the Qur’an. Anything we try to invent which contradicts the essence of the Qur’an, is not truth!!!! So, it must be rejected.
Question: Islam is divided into several sects though they all claim the Qur’an as the Divine Book. How do you explain this?
Answer: This sad reality has been predicted by the prophet of Allah. His name is Muhammad [peace and blessings be upon him]. He declared that our community will be split into factions and only one of them will follow the hidayah. Coming back to your question, I will say that the vast majority of Muslims do not read the Qur’an for understanding. They read the Qur’an as a mere recitation and they rely on their sheikhs, their maulanas etc to explain the Qur’an to them. And this is the problem!!! There are many additions, many substractions, many wrong interpretation, many male interpretations and many explanation based on culture, traditions…which are incompatible with the True Message of the Qur’an. This explains the various differences that exist between those groups. However, this is not the only problems….
Question: What else?
Answer: The various fabricated and weak hadiths that the enemies of Islam are spreading. The prophet [peace be upon him] has been sent to explain the Qur’an, so it is logical that his words cannot contradict the Qur’an. Any contradiction proves the falsity of the hadith. Muslims who have at heart to live acccording to the message of Islam, should be well-aware of this. Islam is based on justice, equity and welfare for both genders, any hadith which contradicts this aspect, must be rejected because it cannot bring any good to the society except despair, injustice, frustration, depression and hatred between men and women. Islam means peace in all aspects of life, so all those who profess that Islam is true, should enjoin this happiness towards all. Let us pray for hidayat.
I am giving some guidelines here for those who want to apply the divine system in their daily lives.
As a Muslim, you should know the dualistic aspect of life
When you learn about doing good, you should also know its opposite
What is evil? Allah says in the Quran: Do good and prohibit evil
If you know the forces of good, you must know what is Taghut
The concept of taghut does not mean shaytan as many people think it is. Taghut is a system which is built on evil and claim to have divine powers. Pharaon [see surah Qasas] established his kingdom on the system of taghut and he claimed himself god/divinity and used sorcery/sihr/magic to control his people
today, there are many false preachers who pretend to be scholars, muftis and so forth, and they use evil power to control people, to bring them into their submission. This is taghut because they use their power to bring people to slavery and people are taking them as gods, worshiping them and seeling intercessions through them.
May Allah have mercy upon us, forgive us and protect us from any evil forces

The answer to this is the Quran

Do you sincerely, honestly know the power of the Quran?

Many Muslims see the Quran only as a message addressed to mankind
They cannot see the powerful effect the Quran brings upon the soul, body and mind
Yes, if your soul is restless, read the Quran or listen to it attentively until you are peaceful again
Yes, if you suffer from pain, from physical pain and sicknesses, listen carefully and persistently to the Quran, read it and feel the extraordinary change
The Qur’an has unlimited energy to cleanse you, to purify you, to quench you, to strengthen you… to guide you, to change your mindset, to bring awareness and consciousness to you. In other words, the Qur’an is meant to reprogram your thoughts and your habits towards righteousness – Author Ammaara Uddeen