The world is silent on the burkini attack

To be silent is one thing,

To be silently guilty is another thing” – Ammaara Uddeen

You think for yourself. You don’t need crutches. Rely on your own judgement. Don’t let the media think for you!!!

How can these clothes be dangerous for you?

Haven’t you learnt about skin cancer? Exposure to the sun gives you skin cancer and other illnesses but you have to follow blindly….”If being half naked is fashion, then the dogs who do not wear clothes at all, are more fashioned than you!!! ” Policemen too should be in bikini on the beach because their attires look closely to the burkini!!!

“To undress or not to undress, that is the question!!!”

France is asking women to unclothe in public because this is their way of life!!!


People have eyes, but they do not see,

People have ears, but they do not hear,

People have a voice, but they are dumb,

People have a heart and mind, yet they do not understand,

Yes, they are laically soaked and secularly brainwashed.

They are alive, yet dead!!!

Girls, you are banned !!! Now in France!!! because you wear the burkini

Image result for burkini  Image result for burkini

No, no, mum can’t wear her burkini anymore now…

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What is happening to France? when you fall out of ideas, you become just foolish. This is how these leaders look to the intelligent people, those who can still reason, whether they are Muslims or not. Many non Muslims can analyse the actual law of banning a decent swimsuit to protect their people. From what?

They are afraid of Islamization. It is too late however. Islam is in every single country and this is going to increase, whether anyone likes it or not. The sensible thing is to allow them to live normally as citizens because there is wisdom in diversity.

Where is the right to freedom when you dictate women what to wear? Silly France who says fighting for freedom and dictating women.

Who is creating Islamophobia? Guess!!!

Note that Muslims are not the only one who wear burkini, many non Muslim women have opted for the burkini because it is decent, pleasurable to wear, comfortable and it covers the body from strange men. Why do women who do not look nice in a bikini, should continue to wear them and look horrible with tons of fat, cellulite….?

The burkini was invented in Australia and was designed as a means to allow Muslim women to participate in Australian culture. The burkini did not originate in Afghanistan.

Sadly, Muslim scholars and preachers are silent….












PARIS’ ATTACK – Who comes out as the winner here?

I was about to have dinner on Saturday night, 14th November, when I heard the news of Paris attack. I was not aware of it until I turned on my post at night! I was shocked. In fact, no words can express the multiple feelings I had at this very moment: shocked, sad…thinking of all those people who were there …..and their near ones.

I have been watching French TV till late at night….

 I have read a few articles, all of them about Muslims, Muslims, Muslims….

I heard the Imam of France: he appealed to Muslims

I heard a journalist from France say: “He was dressed like you and me; his skin was white, he has a ‘polo’ on the head, may be he is a maghrebin

And a commentary from a Muslim woman struck my mind: she said:

“I want a bomb proof passport just like the Paris terrorists had…I wonder what it’s made of as the bombs destroyed the human body but not a paper passport……hmmmmm (scratches head) truly makes one wonder”

And another one said: 

“They [meaning the government] rule the world by Terrorising people and enslaving them”.

A humanitarian protest or a Muslim protest? 

Many Muslims have fallen into the trap. They are being apologetics to their non-Muslim friends. If a non-Muslim does a crime, must all non-Muslims apologize for it? No!!! If a person has a non-Muslim name, must he feel ashamed when a crime is committed by someone who bears a non-Muslim name? No

There are many Muslim converts who do not bear Muslim names yet they are Muslims. What I want to say, does it mean, when a person has a Muslim name, does that mean he is Muslim? Not at all!!!

So what does the Paris attack has to do with Muslims? Why must Muslims manifest for it? Why some media say: “It is time now for all Muslims to come out on the road, to show their solidarity….etc” Why do they want Muslims to come outside, on the road?

Isn’t it supposed to be a humanitarian act, of all humans together? because among the victims, there are Muslims as well as non Muslims? Isn’t it?

Please listen to this video attentively and be your own judge, do not let the media do the job for you

Hey Muslims, didn’t they blame you after the 9/11? Now after Friday 13, they are blaming you again?

May God, the Knower of all, guide us and protect us against our enemies

Are Muslims the real world problem?

For decades, Muslims have been targeted as the WORLD PROBLEM.

Muslims are known as terrorists and violent…

Some of the media’s roles are to bring chaos and confusion in the world.

they feed themselves on innocent people’s fear and unstability

they create unnecessary fear in the heart and mind of people in order to exist as ‘papers’ and media agencies

Unfortunately there are many conspiracies in the world agenda that need to be uncovered

and the masses are being fooled everyday. Why? Because they do not get the right information and they prefer to stay credulous rather than to take some time and research….so they believe whatever is being said to them as the ONLY REALITY. This is why they become easy preys for the media and they cultivate hatred in their hearts.

How can we hate other human beings like us? this is not natural and these people who take the media as their gods, develop constant fear, hatred and disgust for Muslims, thinking that Muslims are the problem.

But they have been befooled by the conspirators whose objective is to bring the world into chaos, uproar and total confusion so that they can lead the world….

Please, if you want to know about real Muslims life, about the Qur’an and about the life after death, go and research properly. Ask proper questions and you will get proper answers.

Muslims are also researching. they dont know everything but Muslims are not terrorists – they are God-loving people