Halal food and restaurants in Mauritius

As Muslims are a minority in Mauritius, it means that halal food and restaurants CANNOT BE FOUND EVERYWHERE.

There are many traps about halal food in Mauritius. Since restaurants are well-aware that Muslims are the biggest consumers of food, they tend to hide their own identities in order to sell their products. So, just a simple “Halal food here!” does NOT mean it is halal. Just because you see lots of Muslims eating at a place DOES NOT MEAN it is halal.

Many fast food outlets are not halal. You must ask for the halal certificate and read it well!

The good news is : There are more and more halal restaurants scattered in Beau-Bassin, Rose-Hill and Quatre-Bornes nowadays. For Muslim tourists there is one halal beach restaurant at Flic-en-Flac, owned by Muslims.  Most wholesale butchers in Mauritius are Muslims. There are many Muslims who are owners of snacks, restaurants and even street vendors and we thank them very much for doing such great jobs!

For those who are very strict about eating proper food, they should be concerned about what Allah says in the Quran in Surah Maaidah. We have been given permission to eat from the people of the book but we have not been given to extend this permission to others. So, your first choice is to look for Muslims who own restaurants and if you can’t find any in your neighbourhood, then you can eat from the people of the book. Rest assume though that the food is halal



Let us fear Allah in its proper way by searching for the right knowledge before we satisfy our desire for tasty food!!!

They are mostly found in Muslims’ regions such as Plaine-Verte and Rue Desforges in Port-Louis, at Pailles and Phoenix [mainly]. They are also available in other regions, however, bear in mind that you need to ask if they are Muslims because in many places non halal food are served as halal!!!

A Muslim halal restaurant should have his cook, his waiters and servers as believers who understand the importance of saying bismillah and cooking the food with the right ingredient. It is contradictory to have a Muslim owner who hire non Muslim as cook since the latter does not understand the importance of halal!!!


There are also some fast foods which provide halal food but please see their certificates. The best thing, when you are not sure, is to eat fish [hey…yes]!!! The famous fish and chips and I hope the ingredients are all halal.

We hope that hotels provide more and more halal food for Muslim tourists in our country and that they take into consideration that halal food should not be served next to pork ….They should NOT PUT PORK NEXT TO CHEESE AND SO FORTH as it is in some hotels!!!! it is the duty of Muslims [if they see these] to report the case with the manager of the hotel !!!! because our duty is to spread good and to prohibit evil in our society.

However, we should NEVER be misled by Indian restaurants which propose vegetarian food etc for halal restaurants. Vegetarian food are NOT necessarily halal. Beware!!!

There is nothing more disgusting than to go to a fast food which is supposed to offer halal food, but their waiters/receptionists have a dirty look and unclean appearance…..!!!! How is it possible that we have become a passive permissive community who accepts everything and talk behind? You just don’t need to eat at places who accept waiters and workers who wear dirty clothes, have horrible look, with long dirty nails…..I don’t need to give you a whole picture. As believers, it is your duty to stop being passive. What you eat has a direct effect on your brain, your soul and of course your eman!

Muslims should not fall in the trap of many restaurants owners who propose halal food while they do not possess any halal certificate!!!! Or those restaurants whose owners are Muslims but employ non-Muslims to take care of their restaurants…..

“I have seen many Muslims passively accept what the hotels propose. It is up to them to contribute to to help hotel managers understand that it is high time to offer halal food in restaurants as there are more and more Muslims worldwide who travel” – important notice.

I remember a case when I was in South Africa. I paid the hotel including breakfast and as I came down for breakfast, there were chicken and beef but they were NOT halal. And many Muslims were eating!!! What were they eating? Only having bread, butter and cheese and a cup of tea while they have paid for a buffet!!! Or are they eating haram without caring? Anyway, Allah knows best but they were all very passive. And I decided to ask the cook and he told me that clients should put their orders on the eve, so that they may be served halal food!!! This is a good idea and this is how Muslims should handle things when they book a hotel.The first thing is to ask for halal food. The first thing is to show your concern about eating halal. If you don’t care, no one will care for you!!!

By the way, you should know that haram does not imply only pork. It implies such things that are prohibited by Islam, such as sacrificing an animal not in the name of Allah, naming another god or gods instead of saying: Bismillah [in the name of Allah], animal blood in the food, having wine or any alcoholic drinks in the food, even those animals that are not allowed to be eaten such as monkeys…or any ingredients that contain such things as pork, wine or blood. What about food cross-contamination? What if they are cooking halal chicken in the same recipient that contain blood or pork?

Based on this fact, do you sincerely believe that a non-Muslim will cook food for you in the name of Allah???? Do you think that a non-Muslim who himself/herself eats haram will dutifully cook halal for you, take all the necessary precaution to cook your food separately so that there is no cross-contamination

We find this in Bangkok where owners publicize their products halal yet they are owned by non-Muslims who have no idea about halal. Unfortunately, many Muslims, when it comes to eating and having a good time around a table, DO NOT CARE WHAT THEY EAT. They do not verify and do not care to verify. How can people neglect a Muslim restaurant which provides halal and prefer a non-Muslim restaurant which serves alcohol drinks ? They do this because they do not read the Quran and do not understand that food has a higher objective  than taste and pleasure!!!


Do you, as Muslims know what is halal? Do you know why it is important to eat halal? Do you know why the slaughtering of animals in a halal way is important for your health?

Do you really care what you eat? Do you really care about the environment in which you are eating? Do you care whether you are eating among many idols while you are supposed to reject idols? Do you care to eat in a place where all kinds of music and songs are being played in your ears and in the ears of your children or babies? Do you care that your babies record these satanic words in their innocent minds while  you are happy eating and drinking among people who are swearing, smoking, drinking alcohol?

Unfortunately, the world has become so ignorant nowadays. We see intellectual Muslims who do not care about halal anymore and who even propose other Muslims to eat at non-Muslim restaurants,; we see Muslims who care to cook halal food at home but once they are outside, they do not care anymore….

We are commanded to take  the pure, wholesome and legal food and drink that Allah in His Mercy and Bounty has provided us and abstain from all the harmful, corrupt, unclean, and filthy. One of the general principles of Islam is that all that is good, pure and beneficial is allowed, and all that is evil, filthy, unclean and harmful is forbidden.

So please, let’s care more about what we are eating and let us fear Allah in the way He should be feared. Give the proper signals to restaurants so that they may improve  their food, their employees, the service…..

Any suggestions and positive answers are most welcomed for tourists in Mauritius



Muslims, listen to what Brother Nouman Ali khan advise you to do

When Muslims think about how their beloved prophet [pbuh] and so many others from the brotherhood of prophets before him like Jesus and Noah (may  peace and blessings be showered upon them all) would respond to ridicule, insult, mockery, allegations, hate and even physical persecution, they learn a timeless truth about these carriers of revelation: in face of such things they responded with even greater intensity of perseverance and loving concern even for their opposition.

Unless we Muslims have sacrificed the way they have so relentlessly in their noble careers for the good of the people, we are not to carry hatred in our hearts for those that mock us or our faith. We are offended, yes, but we will respond in a way that honors the legacy of these great role models and we will reflect deeply and ask ourselves, how would they have responded?

They simply allowed their character, genuine concern for the well being of humanity, and the timeless truth of their unified message to speak louder than the words of hurt hurled their way throughout their lives

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The change that I want to witness within myself…

“Yesterday I was clever,
So I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise,
So I am changing myself” – Rumi

Many people have worked hard in trying to change others and change the world but the missing element is that they miss to change themselves. They have lived to make others happy while they themselves were not happy.

Decide to be happy. Start today….take 5 minutes to befriend yourself and sit with yourself [that is, alone] with no one around and you will learn who you are….

simple pleasures5

I wish you all the best moments in life

How to treat anger?

Get rid of anger, anger is disastrous, anger ruins your marriage, anger means you cannot control your emotions


Nowadays, more and more people suffer from anger. they cannot control their anger. Some do not even realize that anger is disastrous. they threaten everybody and bully their own wives and children. These people are never happy. It is not because they have the upper hand that they are happy, NO. Their negative vibes are too heavy for them this is why they need to burst out in ten minutes, every thirty minutes ….

In order for you to get an idea how to cure your anger, please read this story

Do you know the story of the two wolves?

Indeed, there are two wolves inside us….discover

An old Indian Grandfather said to his grandson who came to him with anger at a friend who had done him an injustice……..
“Let me tell you a story. I too, at times, have felt a great hate for those that have taken so much, with no sorrow for what they do. But hate wears you down, and does not hurt your enemy.
It is like taking poison and wishing your enemy would die. I have struggled with these feelings many times.”
He continued……
“It is as if there are two wolves inside me; One is good and does no harm. He lives in harmony with all round him and does not take offence when no offence was intended. He will only fight when it is right to do so, and in the right way. He saves all his energy for the right fight.

But the other wolf, ahhh!

He is full of anger. The littlest thing will set him into a fit of temper. He fights everyone, all the time, for no reason.
He cannot think because his anger and hate are so great. It is helpless anger, for his anger will change nothing.
Sometimes it is hard to live with these two wolves inside me, for both of them try to dominate my spirit.”

The boy looked intently into his Grandfather’s eyes and asked…

“Which one wins, Grandfather?”

The Grandfather smiled and quietly said……
“The one I feed.

dua for anger

Advice: the ego is your worst enemy. It will not leave you until you decide to let go of the ego. The ego is dangerous because it wants to make you its slave, ruin your life and lose your place in paradise…

This inner work is called purification. you need to purify your mind from all disturbing events, incidents that you have seen or met. you should clean your heart with dhikr-Ullah

Allah 2

Nepal – a tragedy that can happen to other countries too

Terrible earthquake in Nepal which shook the population in a terrible manner

biggest earthquake of the past 100 years in Nepal

May Allah have mercy upon them and give them guidance


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Simple pleasures in life exist, create your own happiness

Life reality is that there are more moments of sadness, difficulties than moments of joy

So, learn to ‘create’ your own moment of happiness

Children can teach you a lesson ….of life

simple pleasures 2

simple pleasures3

simple pleasures4


Are we already in the End Times?

Indeed we are facing the tribulations of the End Times. Muslims all over the world are suffering from injustices, violence and prejudices. Many media use subversive techniques to manipulate the masses against Muslims.

Muslims should not fall into the trap of shaytan. Muslims should avoid controversies towards other muslims. It is high time to work at purifying the heart from all diseases and to turn to Allah with a sincere heart.

The photos reflect the reality of the End Times
Please have a look at them


war 2

war 4<a

war5href=”https://ammaarauddeen.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/war-3.jpg”&gt;war 3


Are women dominated by men?

This statement is known to be Rumi’s: “Ignorant men dominate women, for they are shackled by the ferocity of animals. They have no kindness, gentleness, or love…”


Although I do not consider myself a Sufi [good to say because of some tiny minds who jump up to conclusion easily.  I took the words of Rumi to remind all of you that we need to put an end to gender discrimination. At least, it should stop in our own houses.And we take the opportunity to pray to Allah to help all our brothers and sisters in the world, to help them grow up in their minds,thoughts  too and to protect them against all types of fitna],

Although we are in the year 2015, mankind’s attitude towards other mankind is still the same, or may be worse and worse.

Gender discrimination has to stop and it will stop when women learn about who they are and why they have been created. Women should learn to respect themselves and respect other women too. It is high time that women treat other women with care and respect and stop backbiting each other.

It is sad to say that there are many false narrations which circulate among Muslims. Many narrations which downgrade women and the position of women on earth. Many men use these narrations to prove that they are superior and can therefore ‘dominate’ women. Of course, they do not use the word ‘dominate’ ; they simply think that women should serve them in every step of life. Women are considered ungrateful though they devote their whole life to care about children and raise them; even working women when coming back home still work for the welfare of the family. Maltreated wives or battered wives often think about children before thinking of divorce….There are so many examples of devoted women and less cases of women who want to imitate some irresponsible men.

So, women have to be respected for the work they have been doing in the society, their wisdom and their advice. And a woman should teach their daughters to love and respect themselves

Parents should give equal respects and attention to both daughters and sons at home. They should be trained to love and respect the other sex/gender ….

May Allah help us to grow in our thoughts and to shun all types of discrimination


Photos which you have never seen in your life


horses 2

Rare moments

horses 3

Unique moments

horses 4

Are women to blame in the society?

Before I get down to my point, please note that this is not an article about side-taking . It has been written as an eye-opener so that men and women start thinking widely and wisely about the consequences of their acts and thoughts.

Our society is highly divided and there are many gender problems that crop up in the society and women are the one that are always pinpointed for all problems which occur in the society. Men often have the tendency to blame women for fitnah and women often blame other women for fitnah and men are loyal to other men and support each other. Of course, this does not apply to each and everyone.

While this is not totally true and we should not blame others for our problem, it is important to understand that women have contributed a large amount for the society and for men’s welfare as well. Women are hardworking, responsible and caring for their families.

Our community has fallen into the trap of using using hadith over the verses of the Qur’an. While the Qur’an is Allah’s speech, it is error free and clear to understand. Allah promises in Surah Al Hijr verse 9 that He is the guardian and protector of the Quran. We cannot say the same thing for the number of hadiths which are classified as sahih, hasan, da’if and bat’il.

While the sunnah is important for us, we must make sure that hadith does not contradict the essence of the Quran. What does that mean? it means that the content of a hadith cannot oppose the teaching of the Qur’an and the sunnah.

If it does, it should be rejected because it will bring the community to chaos and confusion. If you act upon it, you will destroy yourself because it opposes the teaching of Allah and the prophet [peace be upon him] has been sent to explain the Qur’an and not to contradict its teaching or to oppose it. Please use your reasoning to understand this as Allah has given mankind a memory, a brain and a reasoning in order to analyse things, to differentiate between right and wrong. If you are not able to differentiate right from wrong, it means you are following your desires and you are following your sheikhs blindly.

Having said this, let us go back to our subject matter.

Gender discrimination is an injustice that we all want to get rid of. At least, this is what many are saying!!!

There is a thing called Women’s Day. If we want women to be recognised as such, then there is no need to do “women’s Day’ as we do “working day” …or “cancer day”

Women like men are God’s creatures. They have been created as human species and there is nothing about being inferior or superior. Women do not fall into animals’ species or djinn’s species

This should be well grounded in our mind. Difference in sex, does not mean superiority or inferiority. It just means that God wanted men and women to cohabit together in harmony by creating them different to each other so that they can complement each other through knowing each other.

Men and women are therefore ordered to live together in harmony, affection, love and security. It is the parents’ duty to raise up their children with such values!!!

Boys should learn to respect all women, not only their mother or their sister. Some even do not respect anyone!! and this is a tragedy for the family.

Learning to know the other sex is part of life and socialisation. Boys and girls learn to play with each other when they are small. They learn about their respective weaknesses and strengths so that later they can grow up loving each other and supporting each other through marriage.

Unfortunately, the society is built up on a “divide and rule” strategy. So men support men and downgrade women; and women are used to downgrade other women in front of men. The end result = women have become the weaker sex and are always downgraded in the society.

Many false narrations have been written on women and are credulously used by many. Many women are haters of women. There are women who constantly criticised other women with their husbands, and male relatives, believing unconsciously that these criticisms will earn them a higher position in the male’s eyes.

By the way, I would like to share a true story which was narrated to me. A woman who considered herself  a good and pious woman and who believed that her husband was the kind of a saint, would narrate to her husband  the bad behaviour of their female neighbour. The neighbour being a woman of loose nature,  would regularly invite all sorts of strangers to her house. The husband listened to the story of her wife with much concern, asking more and more details and the wife would spy on her neighbour in order to report to her own husband. Finally, the intention of the husband was different from hers!!! He decided to pay a visit to the neighbour and you can guess what happened. Different genders, different perspectives!!! 

Nobody is perfect in life. So, if you women, you think that you should criticize other women so that others may find you extraordinary or just a saint, then you are on the wrong tract!!!!

Remember: if a woman is sinning. she is not sinning alone. Now if you say that she makes others sin because of her attitude or her dress style. Remember, good women also fall as preys because men are seducing them. Be aware that many men are committing fitnah by tempting good women to commit immoral acts. This happens at school, at university, at work…even those who stay at home can be tempted through social networks ….so this problem can happen everywhere. There are men who tempt women by sending them private messages and so forth. So do not just blame women.

Many women are good, masha Allah but they do not know their husbands’ vices and what they are up to once they are alone. It is in their nature to defend, to oppose truth because they are too emotional and too fragile towards those they love. However, it is important to understand the objective of our creation. Allah created us for truth not to stand for falsehood. Truth is above falsehood. As believers, women should not depend on their husbands but on Allah. I repeat, women must depend solely on Allah as is explained in the Qur’an.

Of course, we are just generalising a few cases. There are good women as well as good men and that’s very fine, Al hamdulillah. We pray that more and more people realise that they should live according to the tenets of morality and become better individuals. We pray that women – I mean those who are used to do it – stop discussing and debating over women all the time and that they try to solve their problems in private. It is better to pray for all believing men and believing women, for their salvation and protection from the fitnah of the dajjal.


Wishing all of you the best











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