Wellness and welfare – for women who care

Women are well-known to be courageous, lovable, devoted and hardworking. However, many women do not take time to care for themselves.

Care for yourself, because if you don’t, nobody will!!!

Take time to appreciate life and to be thankful


Foot massage is a well known therapy. People often associate foot massage to modern age and social status.

Well, foot massage forms part of our well being. Indeed, it is in conformity with the teachings of Islam and has nothing new about its benefits…

Things You’ll Need

Step One

Sit on the floor for easier access. Or, sit on chair and hold the foot in your lap.

Step Two

Clean your nail

Step Three

Have your mate soak her feet in a tub of warm water. Add salts or any commerical foot soak.

Step Four

Remove feet from water and pat off excess moisture.

Step Five

Pour a generous dollop of body lotion into your hands and begin to massage the feet, starting with the toes and working your way up.

Step Six

Use a loofah or pumice stone on roughened areas. Make sure skin is very moist before using the stone. You can also put lotion/cream directly on loofah/pumice stone before using.

Step Seven

Slather on more lotion and place feet in plastic bags. Wrap warm towels around them or slip on thick socks and let the lotion soak in for at least 15 minutes.

Step Eight

Remove plastic bags and massage leftover lotion into feet.

Step Nine

End here and your skin feel new and nice looking!!!

But remember, foot massage can enliven your pain…more tips to come insha Allah

love time2


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