Mauritius – a ‘paradise’ on earth – places you can visit for free. Muslim tourists

IMG_20170926_095243.JPGMauritius island, found in the Indian Ocean.

When I travel abroad, many people are confused. they take Mauritius as Mauritania. Well, Mauritania is another country and Mauritius is an island [surrounded by sea]. It is situated next to South Africa, near to Seychelles…in the Indian Ocean

Mauritius is known as a key to the Indian Ocean because of its diversity in culture, religion and natural resources. Mauritius counts more than 50 % of hindus, 18 % of Muslims, some 20 % of Christians, and other religions consists of Witnesses of Jehovah, Buddhism.

The mother tongue is the Creole, known by all  population. The official language is English though it is spoken by intellectuals. French is more accessible due to the fact that our mother tongue, the Creole is a dialect of French. Many people, especially the elders speak Bhojpuri in villages. Urdu and Hindi are also spoken among Muslims and Hindus [both emigrants of India/Pakistan]. Mandarin is spoken by the sino-Mauritian people [the emigrants of China]



Please note that we are not responsible for these videos. They are here only for you to have an idea of our island. they are not related to any islamic issues. As you know Mauritius is a multi cultural multi religious country and the first economy is based on tourism. It is a free island. thank you for your understanding


Mauritius counts lovely, exceptional beaches and sea sides. They are free and good for swimming. Tourists who like diving, surfing….or just for an excursion, an outing in order to meet the locals….

Mauritius counts many exceptional hotels

Halal food in Mauritius

Many bloggers and readers have written to me and have asked about where to find halal food in Mauritius

Well, the best place to find halal food is Port-Louis, the Capital especially at Plaine-Verte and Rue Desforges. Plaine-Verte is well-known to be a Muslim quarter.

There are many restaurants, and street vendors who sell halal food. The famous biryani, grillade, samoossas, faratas, dholl purri, etc are sold on the street

Indian food, chinese food, Italian and European food are all easily accessible in Mauritius.

New shopping mall and food outlets at Bagatelle, Phoenix Commercial centre and Trianonin the Plaine Wilhems

New shopping mall and food outlets in Flic en Flac

New shopping mall and food outlets at La Croisette in the north

Mauritius is an ongoing developing country. So, each time you come, find a new modern Mauritius ready to welcome you!!!!

We wish you a pleasant, memorable stay in Mauritius. Any query, do not hesitate to send us a mail or to write in ‘comments’



First thing to know is that Mauritius is divided into nine districts. So each district has its own specialities. It is fun to travel around and see the variety of cultures, dress codes, skin colour, styles, languages….

Very often tourists want to visit Mauritius and due to limited budget, they decide to choose any country.

Well, let me give you the good news, there are plenty of nice things you can do which is cost free/cheap

For example, if you choose to take an apartment, a bungalow, you first need to decide which region you want to stay. The North [sea side region] is well frequented and easy access to Port-Louis, the capital.

  1. Travel by bus
  2. In Port-Louis, visit the champs de Mars [Horse race], Reine de la Paix, The big bazar [le Marché de Port-Louis], La Citadelle [you should go in group and by taxi]
  3. If you want to buy cheap things: go to la Rue La Corderie, La rue Desforges…there you will have street merchants and halal food, ice cream, fresh juices, sugarcane juice….
  4. There are many shops: Indian, Chinese, Muslims…[always choose those which are run by Muslims if you are looking for halal food]
  5. Many snacks and restaurants: Indian, Muslims, Chinese, Japanese, Mauritian food, Italian food…
  6. All seasides are free and public. You can go by bus.
  7. climb mountains
  8. Trou aux Cerfs at Curepipe
  9. Caudan Waterfront [Port-Louis]
  10. Take a bus to go to Bagatelle Mall in Plaine Wilhems [cinema, restaurants, shops, supermarkets…]
  11. Take a bus to go to La Croisette [cinema, food, shops]
  12. Les Salines [garden ] near le Caudan. Interesting to go on Sunday. Many food merchants. Nice for excursion and relaxation

13. Flea markets in various parts of the island especially on Saturdays

14. Visit the district of Flacq

15. Visit Mahebourg and take a boat near Pointe Jérôme and visit Ile aux Aigrettes, Ile aux Phares and Ile aux Cerfs

16.You can reside also at Trou d’eau Douce and enjoy the sun/sea/sand. It is situated in  the east part of Mauritius. This is one of the many beaches of Mauritius situated in the Flacq district.

17.The catamaran cruise

18.Enjoy our local fruits such as mangoes, litchis as from November.

19. Grand Bay is a famous tourist place for its night clubs, yatch clubs, snorkeling, shopping, supermarkets and many attractions

20. Chamarel with its seven coloured earth.

21. black River Gorges national park

22. Botanical garden at Pamplemousses [in the district of Pamplemousses]

Our Mauritian social Experiment at Caudan

Mauritius is well known for its most beautiful beaches


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    asalam vraiment Allah a mis tout ces couleurs dans ce monde mais il faut bien etre reflechir sur la creation d’Allah. c’est vraiment incroyable.


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        Jazakkallahu xayran…. 🙂 in sha Allah one day I hope that I will also visit to this beautiful country….


      • ammaara said,

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        You are most welcome if you love Sunshine 🙂


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