Members of the Tahrir an Nissa Group

Dear Muslimahs

The purpose and main objective of this group is to unite intellectual muslimahs in order to better serve Allah,

by unity our objectives, principles,intellectual competence and love for Allah will increase insha Allah

We are living in the End Times and things are getting more and more complicated. We need to unite our strength in order to feel stronger

each day and feel that we are doing something for our dunya and

akhirah. Let us share the most precious thing in life: our iman by purifiying ourselves and taking care of each other for the sake of Allah Ta’ala


To be a committed Muslimah…
You need to smile to your sisters in Islam, it’s a Sadaqah!!
To be a committed Muslimah…
means to enjoy yourself with Halal enjoinment in the obedience of

Allah always…
To be a committed Muslimah…
means that you understand you are a human being and that you are weak, BUT you know you have to strive in order to rid yourself of your mistakes and improve yourself each day.

To be a committed Muslimah…
means you understand that you need to give your time to Islam which

is a priority in your life and that you need to leave the comfort of your

life to help others who are poor, needy and ignorant of the deen…

To be committed Muslimah…
Doesn’t mean that you do not know how to be attractive!
that you need to be ugly, untidy, unclean and smell bad…

No. not at all. in fact, to be a committed Muslimah means that you know how to balance your life in order not to fall into unnecessary fitnas.

You know that you are a role model in the society for both muslims

and non muslims and that cleanliness [tahara] forms part of your duty.

Being well-dressed and modern looking are islamically healthy in fact! BUT DO NOT WEAR TIGHT CLOTHES AND DO NOT FALL VICTIMS OF YOUR LOOK

Remember, as a committed Muslimah…you have duties to uphold in the society and you need to shun all evil, by ridding yourself of all superficial acts and futile talks!!!


Fear Allah and do not save or download this photo

So purification of the self is the best policy of the Muslimah.

Our Vision

“Our Lord, make us leaders of the righteous.”To bring our community towards the understanding of Islam and practising it as an inherent part of their day-t0-day life.

Our Mission

Serve our community. Enhance the quality of their lives. Promote academic and religious knowledge. Good manners as an essential part of our education.  Build a generation of committed, balanced Muslims



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