Islam is the only way of life which invites its followers to be generous and to give

Yes, Islam is a complete way of life. It teaches humanity how to love each other but not anyhow!!!

Remember that islam imposes the zakat on the rich. Why? because Islam wants everyone to be happy and to eat and drink and be clothed.

So, if your wealth has reached a limit called nisab, you are obliged to give 2.5 per cent of this nisab to the poor/the needy/ the indebted/the wayfarer …..

There is a difference between zakat and sadaqah

Sadaqah means voluntary charity. You do not have to be rich to give sadaqah because sadaqah starts with a small sum of money. It can be Rs 1 or Rs 5 or Rs 10 and sadaqah is best when it is given on a regular basis. It brings along lots of blessings and remove your difficulties

REF: Food, clothes, advice and visit

If you know anyone in these regions [Mauritius] who need clothes, food etc, dont hesitate to contact us


We in sha Allah offer our help to our elders and sick who need food

Especially if anyone is sick and need soup, please contact us

Region: port Louis, Pailles and  Tour Koenig, and the surroundings


If Islam’s sole interest is the welfare of mankind, then Islam is the strongest advocate of human rights anywhere on Earth.


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