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As salam alaikum wa Rahmatullah

RE: muslimah project in Mauritius Island

Since January 2000, a group of few women have started a project in order to inculcate Islamic aqeedah, adaab and moral ethics in the lives of many families, and to help those women who are widowed, divorced, poor and needy, with food on a regular basis, clothes, and other necessities.

I, Sister Ammaara Uddeen, , am  a teacher in Islamic Studies at college. I am also an   international islamic translator, writer/journalist and administrator of several blogs and sites in English and French, all in the way of Islam [Fissabilillah work].

We are a group of Muslimahs [Muslim ladies], most of whom are intellectuals and teachers.  We have several years of experience in the social field and we are helping many women, Al Hamdulillah to stand up proudly on their feet and to understand their role in the society.

Ignorance is a disease. Ignorance is a curse. Ignorance brings destruction to the society. And today many Muslim families are shattered due to limited knowledge of islam and to ignorance of the sunnah. Academically, many women have been deprived of education especially those of the previous generation. Today, education is free and available but unfortunately the method is restraint and it lacks dynamism. Many people are educated but they remain ignorant and illerate. This is why they need constant help and support in the realisation of their life project.

Many young girls after their secondary schools are blurred by this ephemeral life. Many make the wrong choice in selecting a life partner. They end up with drugs, alcohol, loose life. Often they are beaten or verbally harassed by the husband and in-laws…the situation is complex.

The work is tough in the sense that many Muslim women who want to follow Islam are uneducated, poor, jobless, divorced with dependent children.  On the other side, many [not all]  intellectuals, career women, are generally not interested to help nor to support Islam.

In order to teach these women Qur’an, we need to teach them how to read Arabic and also to teach them to read in their mother tongue so that they can understand what they are reading. This is a huge work.

We also offer food to a restricted number of women on a regular basis, offer meat at times and during Ramadan, we share provision for a larger group. We assist the handicapped women, the lonely and left-alone ones, and offer advices to those in need.

We also publish magazines and books so that we can re-program the mind of Muslims towards the understanding of Islam.

Many Muslims may perform swalat and fast during the month of Ramadan, but their mind is controlled by the media

[here, the majority are polytheists with some 60 % of the whole population].  TV channels offer 24 hours program about Bollywood movies and documents; the result of which is, mixed marriage and apostasy, not to mention disinformation about Islam.

Please meet with one of our devoted sister, see picture below [she gives advice to those in need and has experience in dealing with mentally handicapped children.


Your appreciation, encouragement, support and anything you order at our shop, will help us continue our work

CDs on Qur’an, Ruqia

Black Seed grains, black Seed oil and black seed soaps

Islamic scarves, abaya

Pure Honey products – Cardamom, litchi, Eucalyptus, Bayrose

Oasis Magazine, Forteresse magazine



[the oil has been used for centuries in the tradition medicine for treating cancer, confirming its anti-cancer properties. Not only cancer, but the oil can help with diabetes, cardiovascular issues, kidney problems, and many more. Scientists cannot completely understand the mechanism behind its anti-cancer properties. Some of the studies suggest that the thymoquinone has an antioxidant role and reinforces the immune system. One thing is certain and that is black cumin seed oil induces apoptosis in cancer cells and does not compromise the immunity. The oil also controls the Akt pathway, controlling the cell survival of all the body cells. Unfortunately, the modern medicine has recognized it only recently.]



Please see some of our blogs online: [french ] [english] [english]


We pray that Allah Azzawajal have mercy upon us and assist us in our effort and sincere endeavour. ameen

Sister Ammaara Uddeen [note when we reply you, you need to check your spam too. At times, the mail can land into your spam]




  1. Mohamed said,

    July 14, 2017 at 1:10 pm

    Asalaamu alaikum,

    Where is the shop. InshaAllah, when we visit MAuritius in July 2017 I would like to visit the shop.


    • ammaara said,

      July 18, 2017 at 5:19 pm

      Bismillah. Masha Allah happy to see that you want to visit us. You are most welcomed. We are in the vicinity of the capital: Port-Louis, particularly in Plaine Verte, Muslim headquarters

      which you should visit if you want to meet Muslims and eating halal. Mauritian people are very smiling and always helpful towards foreign people.

      Normally, Pagoda street is very lively during Ramadan and Eid. Friday and Sunday shop closed. Other days, shops open around 10.30 and close at 16.30.
      Our shop is called Camelia Fissabilillah shop

      Do send us an email once you are in Mauritius.


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