Eid ul fitr 1430 AH – 2009

We servants of Almighty Allah,

Let us rejoice in peace. Tonight the moon of shawwal has been made visible.

So let us celebrate our joy and rehearse the Takbir

Allahu Ackbar, Allahu Ackbar

Really you are Ackbar, O Our Allah!!!

You are as you have praised yourself!!!

Ramadan has been a treasure of unknown secrets

We have learnt so much

But for my part, i have understood one thing: Taqwa and Tawba

These are among the keys of success.

Every time, we feel weak or confused, we must do tawba

Every time, we read the Quran and we do not understand, we must do tawba

Tawba is the essential way to obtain Your pardon

It increases our rank and degree

Tawba brings us nearer to You

And Tawba is the practice of Adam [as] whereas arrogance is the practice of Ibliss [the accursed]

Happy & prosperous Eid ul fitr to all of you dear brothers and sisters