Is God real? Why can’t He help me out?

Is God real? Why can’t He help me out from all my pain and worries? Why is the world so chaotic? I am confused

If you continue to stay in your own comfort zone and listen to the media, surely you wont make any progress in your research. You need to free your mind from all the media who want to portray life as a material opportunity

Many people around the world are still posing this question

Imagine those people who are born in a shattered family, where there exists no dialogue, no love for others, no sharing …will they find time to speak about God?

Do they have time to teach their children about the existence of God?

While they are not on earth to judge others, we must have at heart to always educate others and to share our knowledge with them.

Yes, God is real!!! it takes a long way to witness His invisible presence but be sure He listens to your plea and He sees all your actions whether done in secret or in public.

Be sure that He loves what is right for you and that He has given you the power to choose between right and wrong.

It takes time – my friends – and if each one of us, feels the need to share our knowledge, we will surely find the WAY more easily….

Insha Allah