How to get rid from homosexuality? The best solution ever

Don’t lose hope! Fear Allah (S.W.T), ask Him for help earnestly, never give up, and do something to get rid of even the idea of homosexuality. Try to avoid all of the circumstances that trigger your homosexual feelings:

don’t get alone with an attractive man

always be in the company of others

don’t get involved in deep / personal discussions with any person that you may think will trigger your homosexual feeling.

Stay away from any other people who have similar feelings. 

Don’t even think of such an idea of this subject.

keep yourself busy in different useful thing.

stay away of anything that remind you of homosexuality.

Keep a POSITIVE thinking in your mind

 Keep saying to yourself that you can do something about it.

Don’t ever say I can’t. Remember with every step you are taking toward getting rid of this habit you are getting help and reward from Allah (S.W.T) and you are annoying the accursed shaytan.

Also, you should focus on this wordly life. It will soon end. This life is nothing but a test: and homosexuality is your test…

Each human being has got a test. We need to strive in order to gain victory over our it. So do not despair!!! Helps come from Allah alone. So turn to Him in prayer and sincere submission.

Then, read the Quran. Use earphones. They are more powerful in tuning your brain and heart on La illaha illallah. Let the verses flow into your ears while you relax. You will soon give me the good news of your success. When fear of God [taqwa] and consciousness seize you, you automatically become a different person….This is the secret of success insha Allah.

May Almighty Allah grant you success

Your sister Ammaara

A short video that will make you understand insha Allah

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