Your daily exercises as a believer start right when you wake up in the morning

When you wake up in the morning, what do you normally do? Do you know that muslims and non believers do not have the same trend of life?

Therefore they do not wake up in the same manner as we do. It is because believers are fully aware that they will have to give account of their deeds…

So first thing, once you open your eyes, reconfirm your kalima.

Put your right foot on the floor and make your dua for waking up. Proceed with washing your hands three times.

Do your wudu

Do your morning prayer Make dua Do Istighfar [100 times] Do darood [Allahumma swalli ‘ala Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad kama swalayta

‘ala ibrahim wa ala ali ibrahiminnaka hameedum majeed] Minimum do it ten times.

The more you work on your spirituality, the more you will be able to increase its number

Recite the kalima tawheed  [laa illaha illallahu wahdahu laa sharikalahu lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyi wa yumit
wa huwa ‘ala kulli shayin qadir] Start with ten, then you can continue increasing it during the day.

Ask Allah to protect you, your family, your gifts, your faith…

Read the Quran.

Try to take a spoonful of honey every morning on empty stomach. And twice in a week, take a spoonful of olive oil.

This will strengthen your body and spirit insha Allah. “O Allah, make me a servant remembered only for loving You,

hoping for nothing from his worship!

O Allah, fill my heart with joy from You, purify my tongue with Your Names, let my limbs labor on tasks

You will find good and of which You will approve. O Allah, eliminate all traces, memories, recollections, and feelings that are not of You!

“~Junayd al-Bagdadi