Muhammad, the excellent communicator of all times

There is nothing more important than communication among mankind.
Communication is the tool wherewith you establish contact with other people around you.
Communication can be oral, verbal, with signs etc
Animals communicate among them without words and human beings have been given the most perfect form of communication: words
Words are powerful: they can either destroy you or shape you. so, the one who is powerful in enunciating the right word at the right time with the right person is surely a wise individual – Ammaara Uddeen
Having said this, let us see how Communication is an important tool to build friendship, to invite people towards Islam [dawah]. Many Muslims have good intention of inviting their non Muslim friends, colleagues to Islam but they do not know how to do it. they do not possess the qualities of a good communicator. This can be learnt through training or by observing the best of man, Muhammad [peace be upon him]
 Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) actively communicated with the people around him. He was interested to talk to the people because he knew that success lies in communication. 
I have provided below some excerpts taken from the internet
The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spoke to a variety of people. Some of them were able to see him, listen to him, share their daily life with him and constantly be under his influence. Others did not have such an active relationship with him, while still others joined the believers later or were part of the following generation.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was able to understand the social psychology, as well as the individual characteristics of the people who made up the society, and thus used different methods of communication
For example, he acted according to the conditions of the region he was in when eating, drinking or dressing. Again, when speaking or delivering a speech, he constantly observed the abilities of the addresses who listened to him, and the examples he used were chosen from a world in which the addresses lived and which they understood well. From animals, the most common examples he would use would be camels and from plants he would use the date.
Some of the people around him were from the city while others were Bedouins (living in the desert). For this reason, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), while forwarding a message that was to cover all ages and all people, acted wisely in the difficult task of establishing communication with the first addresses; he chose methods that were in accordance with their concepts and thoughts, their perceptions and abilities.

beautiful hadith that we all need to know and share

Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] Image “Learn to know yourself.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “With knowledge man rises to the heights of goodness and to a noble position, associates with sovereigns in this world, and attains to the perfection of happiness in the next.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “Acquire knowledge. It enables its possessor to distinguish right from wrong it lights the way to Heave it is our friend in the desert, our society in solitude, our companion when friendless it guides us to happiness it sustains us in misery it is an ornament among friends, and an armour against enemies.”


 Prophet Muhammad – “The acquisition of knowledge is a duty incumbent on every Muslim, male and female.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “One hour’s meditation on the work of the Creator is better than seventy years of prayer.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “He who leaveth home in search of knowledge, walketh in the path of God.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “To listen to the words of the learned, and to instil into others the lessons of science, is better than religious exercises.”


 Prophet Muhammad – “Verily the best of God’s servants are just and learned kings and verily the worst are bad and ignorant kings.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “He who knoweth his own self, knoweth God.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “One learned man is harder on the devil than a thousand ignorant worshippers.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “That person who shall die while he is studying, in order to revive the knowledge of religion, will be only one degree inferior to the prophets.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “Whoever seeketh knowledge and findeth it, will get two rewards one of them the reward for desiring it, and the other for attaining it therefore, even if he do not attain it, for him is one reward.”


 Prophet Muhammad – “To spend more time in learning is better than spending more time praying the support of religion is abstinence. It is better to teach knowledge one hour in the night than to pray all night.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “The knowledge from which no benefit is derived is like a treasure from which no charity is bestowed in the way of the Lord.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “Go in quest of knowledge even unto China.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “Philosophy is the stray camel of the Faithful, take hold of it wherever ye come across it.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “An hour’s contemplation is better than a year’s adoration.”


 Prophet Muhammad – “Verily god doth not taketh away knowledge from the hands of His servants but taketh it by taking away the learned so that when no learned men remain, the ignorant will be placed at the head of affairs. Causes will be submitted to their decision, they will pass sentence without knowledge, will err themselves, and lead others into error.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “The Messenger of God was asked, ‘What is the greatest vice of man’ He said, ‘You must not ask me about vice, but ask about virtue’ and he repeated this three times, after which he said, ‘Know ye The worst of men is a bad learned man, and a good learned man is the best.’”

  Prophet Muhammad – “Whoso honoreth the learned, honoreth me.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “He dieth not who giveth life to learning.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “Give the laborer his wage before his perspiration be dry.”

  Prophet Muhammad – “Those who earn an honest living are the beloved of God.”