Are women dominated by men?

This statement is known to be Rumi’s: “Ignorant men dominate women, for they are shackled by the ferocity of animals. They have no kindness, gentleness, or love…”


Although I do not consider myself a Sufi [good to say because of some tiny minds who jump up to conclusion easily.  I took the words of Rumi to remind all of you that we need to put an end to gender discrimination. At least, it should stop in our own houses.And we take the opportunity to pray to Allah to help all our brothers and sisters in the world, to help them grow up in their minds,thoughts  too and to protect them against all types of fitna],

Although we are in the year 2015, mankind’s attitude towards other mankind is still the same, or may be worse and worse.

Gender discrimination has to stop and it will stop when women learn about who they are and why they have been created. Women should learn to respect themselves and respect other women too. It is high time that women treat other women with care and respect and stop backbiting each other.

It is sad to say that there are many false narrations which circulate among Muslims. Many narrations which downgrade women and the position of women on earth. Many men use these narrations to prove that they are superior and can therefore ‘dominate’ women. Of course, they do not use the word ‘dominate’ ; they simply think that women should serve them in every step of life. Women are considered ungrateful though they devote their whole life to care about children and raise them; even working women when coming back home still work for the welfare of the family. Maltreated wives or battered wives often think about children before thinking of divorce….There are so many examples of devoted women and less cases of women who want to imitate some irresponsible men.

So, women have to be respected for the work they have been doing in the society, their wisdom and their advice. And a woman should teach their daughters to love and respect themselves

Parents should give equal respects and attention to both daughters and sons at home. They should be trained to love and respect the other sex/gender ….

May Allah help us to grow in our thoughts and to shun all types of discrimination