Children should be given equal opportunity to be educated

In some countries where children do not have the choice to study and be instructed, it is very sad to see these children waste their precious time. Children are precious. they are the future of the next generation. If we do not take care of children, then we have no heart.

Children should go to school and learn

Allow your children to go to school to learn what is right

Success lies in education

An educated person is a gift on earth

Education is for both girls and boys

Do not prefer your sons to your daughters, this is a sin

Give your children the best education

Do not keep your children at home, take them to school

Gender discrimination is not only a shame. it is damaging

Only ignorant people believe that girls do not need to be educated

Islam is against gender inequalities

What is beauty if it is soul-less?





Our knowledge is our pride and dignity


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