Please meet some of our devoted sisters in Islam

Please meet some of our devoted sisters in the Tahrir An Nissa Group for women and youth

Sister Ammaara Uddeen

MA Islamic Studies

BA Communication Science

Diploma & licentiate in computer Studies
Diplôme en relations publiques

Diplôme en Journalisme et Atelier d’écriture

Maitrise de la langue francaise et Perfectionnement Superieur

Languages: fluent in English, French and Creole.

Knowledge of Turkish and Arabic

Duties held: international translator in three languages, journalist/writer/ teacher

Exam coach and tutor
Counsellor for adults/adolescents

sitdriver (1)

Nasrene Jaubaccus

Manager at the Camelia Gift Shop / Dawah Group

Pre-primary teacher [13 years experience]

Teacher of Tajweed,

Teach adult muslimah to read French and Arabic [for better understanding of the Qur’an]


Sister Hawa

Ex-Teacher at primary school

Responsible for Islamic CDs, DVDs making and recording

Manager of the Dawah Group

Sister Hawa has more than ten years experiencing with social issues and understanding children with autism.

beautiful flowers 5

Sister Mubashira

Senior Inspector at the primary level

Tajweed teacher for muslimahs

Knowledge of Islamic aqeedah, hifz, tajweed

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Sister Alea
Teacher at secondary level,
Deep knowledge of Islam

Several years of experiences in social and religious activities




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