Women in Islam: a struggle, a life, a career, a success…

Women Women Women Women

Women Women Women Women



The patriarchal society has brought more challenges to women’s life those days….In the first place, who invented this set of codes for women to bear?

During the pre-Islamic Era, men used to control women’s life – were they liable to live or die? were they to die in infanthood or were they good enough to be offered to their idols in sacrifice? how they should think, who  they should marry …..?

Well, things have not changed so much. Outwardly, it may be a bed a roses; just interview some families and see the outcome of it.

Looking at the speech of Allah in the Quran, we soon discover that men have been controlling women without reading the Quran!!!!

If you do not read the Quran in the language that you understand, then you are looking for trouble.

If as a woman, you love yourself, you care for yourself, then you MUST study how Allah wants you to live. Read the Quran. Dont let people read it for you and explain it in a biased way so that in the end, you think you have Eman [faith] and at the same time you are depressed, frustrated.

To be a woman, is a lovely feeling. Allah loves both men and women to live in peace and harmony, to share with the other because each gender has something different which he and she can share with the other

If one is always controlling the other, then this is not a relationship. It is dictatorship. Allah does not like dictators.

So, rejoice and let your heart feel this peace inside and let this peace reflect on your outside. smile, smile, smile…..


The different aspects of women in Islam through posters 







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O Women know your worth, study your Deen which is the complete way of guidance and do not let anyone lie to you about your noble status. Be proud to be a woman. 



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The woman in Islam is bestowed with respect and honour and a Muslim gives great importance to his wife. Our Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) said: “the best of you are those who are best in attitude towards their wives”.


The prophet [peace and blessings be upon him] said: “Do not prevent women from going to the masjid” 

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