Stop gender discrimination in Muslim societies

Abstract: women versus men; women challenges in the society; is the society a patriarchal one? do women know their own duties and rights? are women baffled by certain male oriented literature? how prepared are women to learn and study their Deen with consciousness? God has given human beings a brain? Why don’t you use your intellect to analyse things correctly?



Eleanor Roosevelt once said: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” I approve this because there are actually many instances when people will try to make you feel so low, incapable and depressed. In many houses, men threaten their wives ‘to shut up!’, on the workplace women are often seen as second class employees…..and eventually women feel this inferiority and believe they are second class creatures.

Man as well as woman possess talents, and are gifted with plenty of ideas and capabilities to perform in life. It is high time that women stop being afraid and upset of hearsays and start performing for the betterment of the society and the development of the self.

Women are indeed endowed with many talents and can realize many work within a day. It is shaytan, the devil, who wants to divide men and women by inculcating many weird ideas that women can only sit at home and look after the family. A woman has been created to serve Allah.

This is her main duty and she must meditate on the objective of her creation day and night so that she is convinced that Allah has created her to serve HIM alone and no one else.

Man and woman have different functions because they are biologically different! That’s all. A woman can naturally conceive a baby by Allah’s permission; man cannot!!! Women have menses, while men don’t!

While life is supposed to evolve and developed, it is sad to see how many people still live according to their forefathers’ traditions. Many people are in denial of the self and they deny the fact that they should study and promote new ideas.

Thus, in the year 2016, many minds have remained corrupt and polluted by the forefathers’ ideologies. Many women are beaten, enslaved within the in-law’s house. Many women after marriage can no more study and must stay in the home to serve the family! Then why marry? if marriage is a form of slavery?

Many parents are chained by the mind. They consider it a shame if their daughters are not married at the age of 20-25 years old. They work hard in order to offer a dowry to the future husband. This is a shame!!! It is an archaic way of entering marriage, yet this practice goes on in the year 2016!!!

People do not make any effort to better their lives. Instead, they want to follow their ancestors’ traditions while the latter were ignorant people. People can change the way they dress, change their eating habits for fast foods and junk foods, but they refuse to explore the mind and to change their own ridiculous perceptions of life!!!!

People live and die and the routine continues and they remain in the denial of the self. How many people whom the society considers as intellectual people, remain in the denial of the self and they are followers of their ancestors. Intellectual people who can govern a country, or a company and yet, as an individual they can be slow learners or people who totally reject truth!

Nobody can enslave your mind. People can try to enslave you but the conscience is for you! The will power is inside everyone of us. We must cultivate this will power so that it becomes stronger and stronger each day. Let us learn to build awareness and insight to do good and progress.

Many women who have been refused knowledge and education, have fallen into the traps of shaytan. An idle mind is indeed a devil’s mind!!! So has become their mind and finally you see these women addicted to television, hindustani films; to backbiting and finally they develop hatred in their heart, frustration until they are addicted to sorcery and magic!!!

Many women who are forced to marry and who are frustrated by the in-laws or husband’s attitude, often have recourse to sorcery and witchcraft to control them [as they believe witchcraft can have an effect on their mind]. So, these people who brought these desperate women to have recourse to sorcery and to open the door to shaytan.

Isn’t it time to open our eyes and see what is happening around us? Isn’t it time for us to wake up from the sleep of the heedless and change our way of thinking and doing things? Why should we be afraid to change for the best?

Fear is an illusion created by the mind to enslave us. There are many types of fear that control us and which are created by the illusion of the mind. We must consider them and eradicate them by making dua to Allah.

We are in the year 2016, 2016!!!! So, prepare  yourself for that change

Surely you can do it. Surely you want to do it. Do it!!!

Sister Ammaara


Since time immemorial, the male society has imposed many conditions on women, has belittling them. Many women nowadays are also conditioned to believe that they know nothing else except to bring food to their husbands and raise children. They spend their whole life serving the male relatives and cooking food for the whole family, and having children. Apart from this, they do not know that Allah has a higher plan for them: education, taking part of the social life by helping women and children in their society. There are so much to be done!!!

And the beloved prophet [peace and blessings be upon them] has come to raise the status of women. So Islam has come to put an end to all these cultural practices where men have ego and cannot listen to women. I think in some specific countries, men hate women to share their ideas and opinions but this is not the case everywhere where many men are happy to share their love, ideas, opinions with their wives and they love intellectual and intelligent women with whom they can discuss peacefully and exchange their ideas. This is a blessing. Today, there are much more women who are intellectuals, going to universities and are career women, this proves how many women are knowledgeable. Masha Allah. And if we look at history, we can see how the wives [may Allah be pleased with them] of the prophet [peace be upon him] were intelligent, knowledgeable, active and pious. They had the right to go to the masjid, go to the expeditions, nurse the wounded ones, narrate hadith, discuss ideas and so forth….

Male jealousy and male ego are destructive to our progress


The Qur’an does not mention the segregation of women as objects of men. At any time, does the Qur’an mention women as sexual objects, slaves of men and do not limit their capacity as being an obedient wife sitting at home and rearing children. Otherwise, how about all those women who are unmarried or who cannot have children?

It is a sad thing that many men are limited in their ability to think wiser and wider. The vast majority of women are also deeply rooted in this patriarchal society that they are against all forms of development and progress in a woman’s life. They are contented to think, to talk as a wife and as a mother, narrating their roles as a wife and as a mother for hours!!! But think a minute!!! Where is Allah in their life?

Are women created for men? Are women created for children? Doesn’t that oppose the very essence of Islam when the Qur’an clearly says: “I have not created the Jinn and mankind EXCEPT to worship ME alone.” S 51:56 

Muslims see that the world is at a standstill. Many regressions are occurring instead of progression within the community. Women are unhappy because they cannot think as an entire being rather they have to see life as their husbands see it. If the husband says: this is white while it is blue, then questioning the blueness of the thing, means disobedience!!! Subhan Allah, where are we heading?  What type of addiction is this? In the year 2016, both men and women think this way. You may wonder why!!!!

Many women can walk for hours doing shopping and driving their cars, yet when it comes to  praying  at the masjid, they are denied this right. Imagine, the House of Allah is being denied to Muslimahs!!! What is right and what is wrong? Where should the place of women be?

Moreover, mixing culture with the Quranic words, is one of the biggest problem in our society. People interpret the Quran based on their shortmindedness, their environment, their own narrow thoughts. they take their knowledge from their ancestors: their fathers, their grand fathers….

People want to defend and protect their egos. Touching the patriarchal society, is like killing their egos. So, in order to stay powerful in the society, they need to bring women under their feet and assign a specific roles to them in order for them [male] to control and do whatever they want. Thus, polygamy which is mentioned only once in the Quran, is given so much importance and amanah [responsibilities] and justice are NOT TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION. In  order to take care of a poor woman, men want to offer them marriage. Why? Why can’t they offer them shelter, money and allow them to marry the husband of their choice? Why do they want to enforce marriage upon these poor women? Isn’t that hypocrisy? Lust ? but the society cannot think. They have no ability to think wider and wiser because the sheikhs, the imams, the muftis are thinking for them. They have made the biggest mistake of their life, to allow someone to think for them while Allah, the Creator of all mankind, has given human beings a mind to reason!!! This ‘aql’ has been given as a gift to all mankind, and men are saying, women should  not reason. Women should stay at home and rear children. What if they do not have children, they should be put aside, and you [men] should marry a second wife so that you may have children. And what if, you [men] cannot have children, should women throw you away?

Beware, of all your injustices. There are so many men who are infertile. What the society should do to them? Put them on another planet? Stop your injustices. There is not a single verse where Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is saying that women should be divorced and held in the second position if they cannot conceive of a child. No. Don’t invent lies on the Qur’an because you will be questioned on the Last Day. In fact, Islam spreads peace!!!



This is a beautiful and inspiring story

Fatimah bint ‘Abbaas al-Baghdadiyyah

Were it that all women were but like her,
then surely women would be more virtuous than men.
The feminine form of the word ‘sun’* does not blemish it,
nor is the masculine form of the word ‘moon’** a source of pride for it.

[* The word sun in Arabic is in the feminine form.]
[** The word moon in Arabic is in the masculine form.]

…he was buried in al-Qaraafah, close to the area known as Bawrash. Buried there as well, was the ‘Aalimah (the scholar), the Faqeehah (the jurist), the Zaahidah (the ascetic), the Qaanitah (the devout worshiper), the Sayyidah (the leading lady) of her time, the preacher; Umm Zaynab Fatimah bint ‘Abbaas al-Baghdadiyyah, the Shaykhah of Egypt.

She died at the age of eighty plus years. A large number of people attended her Funeral. A vast number of women benefited from her and consequently practiced repentance. She had an abundance of intelligence and knowledge.

She was content with little, keen on benefiting and reminding others, she was sincere, God fearing and used to order the good.

The women of Damascus were rectified through her, then the women of Egypt. She was widely loved and honored by people. May Allah have mercy upon her, I visited her one time.

[Shadharaat al-Dhahab: 6/33]

On the Day of ‘Arafah died the righteous scholar, the pious worshiper, the Hajj frequenter; Umm Zaynab Faatimah bint ‘Abbaas ibn Abu al-Fat-h ibn Muhammad al-Baghdadiyyah.

She died in Cairo, Egypt, a huge number of people attended her funeral.

She was a virtuous scholar, she used to order the good and forbid the evil. She used to criticize al-Ahmadiyyah for their relationships with [non-mahram] women, she used to criticize their state of affairs as well as the fundamentals of the people of innovations and others in a manner that men were not able carry out.

She used to attend the circles of Taqiud-deen ibn Taymiyyah and learnt this form him, amongst other things. I heard Shaykh Taqiud-deen (ibn Taymiyyah) praising her; describing her with virtue and knowledge, he mentioned that she memorized a lot of or the majority of al-Mughnee.

He said he used to prepare himself for her, due to her numerous, intelligent and well-posed questions and her ability to understand quickly.

She is the one who taught a lot of women the whole Quran, amongst them was my wife’s mother, ‘Aisha bint Siddeeq; the wife of Shaykh Jamaal ad-Deen al-Mizee, who in turn taught her daughter; my wife; Amat ar-Raheem Zaynab. May Allah dignify them and have mercy upon them and grant them Jannah. Ameen!

[Al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah: 14/82 by al-Haafidh Ibn Katheer who is the writer here.]

The last we saw there was the righteous scholar, the best of women of her time; Umm Zaynub Fatimah bint ‘Abbaas al-Baghdadiyyah. She died on Dhul Hijjah, 714 H past the age of eighty.

She was a jurist, knowledgeable, ascetic, satisfied with little, a devout worshiper, a preacher, keen on benefiting and reminding, sincere, God fearing and a promoter of good.

A lot of the women of Damascus and Egypt benefited from her, she was widely loved and accepted.

Every female teacher in that area was called ‘al-Baghdadiyyah’ after her.







We saw that [the institution she taught in] used to shelter and take care of women who were divorced or abandoned until they remarried or returned to their husbands. This was a preservation for them due to the stress and upmost care given to regularly practicing the different forms of worship…She used discipline those who swayed from the path with what she saw was appropriate.

Then when times got worse in the era of the Fitan after 806 H, the state of the establishment deteriorated and women who would regularly frequent it would be imprisoned. There continues to be good there, and Qadi al-Qudat al-Hanafi took over its supervison.

[al-Mawaa’idh wal ‘Itibaar: 3/194]

Benefited from Shaykh ‘Aasim al-Qaryooti through Shaykh ‘Abdul Mun’im al-Dhakar.

Source : Subul




Rarely do people live up to everything that they say.


The vast majority of men are blind and many women too. You may wonder why!!! How is it possible that Allah subhanahu wa Ta’ala is just and the society of Muslims unjust? This is not possible. Men constantly talk about women’s hijab. They even say that if a woman does not wear a hijab, she cannot be respected. There are so many posts about choosing the type of women: with hijab, with niqab and without both. And many women are liking and discussing these issues and they forget to remind gently their brothers that it is their duty to remind themselves of their own hijab.

If men were a little bit concerned with themselves, they should have grown up better, they should have enlightened the society with their proper manners and proper dressing. Wearing a pair of cut jeans and a small top of T-shirt, like a poor guy, does not suit a Muslim man!!! NO, it doesn’t. It is a shame that men believe that T-shirt and blue-jeans are the best attires for men!!!! This is a shame



Allah says: “O you who believe, why do you say what you do not do? It is most hateful to Allah for you to say what you do not do.” [Sûrah al-Saff: 2-3]

What you say to women to cover themselves properly? you insist on women to wear the niqab even this is a sunnah, you put it an obligation that it is fard? While you, yourself dress like a non-believer. Isn’t that a mockery/ The sad thing is that there are many people who don’t believe in the last day, yet they are respectful towards themselves and they dress correctly.

Sad how many women are blind because they are blind followers of some absurd injustices!!! They ALWAYS  want to discuss women’s affairs in an unjust manner. This is a tragedy. Shaytan wants to focus ONLY on women, in the mean time, the society is degrading and men have fallen into indecency and during salah, they are so poorly dressed in front of their Rabb, it is such a shame. May Allah give men awareness to dress decently and to wear their thawb for salah.



Allah tells us that the Prophet Shu`ayb (peace be upon him) said to his people: “I wish not, in opposition to you, to do that which I forbid you to do. I only desire (your) betterment to the best of my power; and my success (in my task) can only come from Allah. In Him I trust, and unto Him I look.” [Sûrah Hûd: 88]



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