Healing by listening to Quran

How could listening to the verses of Allah affect the brain cells? What’s the scientific explanation to this phenomenon? Is there a hidden energy in the Holy Quran? Let’s read….….

Personal Experience

 The reason behind writing this article is my own personal experience with the Holy Quran. I was with the Holy Quran all the time; even while I am sleeping I used to leave the radio on with reciting the Holy Quran. As a matter of fact, I had no idea at that time about the technique of learning during sleep!!!

After a few months, I noticed great changes inside me. I felt that each one of my brain cells is vibrating and reacting with the voice of the Holy Quran recitation I was listening to. I was memorizing the Holy Quran using the technique of listening and repeating the chapter many times. Therefore, I found that the verses of the Holy Quran were getting easily into my memory.

Twenty years ago I told one of my friends that listening to the Holy Quran recitation reprogrammed the brain cells completely! But a few days ago I was really surprised to read about the experiments of the scientists in treating some of the incurable diseases using the sound waves of music. Some of the researchers such as the American scientist Annie Williams ,who is using the music therapy technique, has come out with important results. Those results, however, was limited until now because of the inability of the music to create the required effects on the cells. Nevertheless, she asserts that she has come up with unbelievable results in treating the Colon Cancer and the Brain Tumor and other diseases. She also states that the sense of creativity has been increased in each one of the patients who has listened to the recorded music.

Consequently , I’d like here to mention to my dear readers the results I got from the long period of listening to the recitation of the Holy Quran: I feel now that I have become stronger than before, that the immunity of my body has increased ,and my character has become better ,especially in dealing with people. The Holy Quran has also awakened the sense of creativity inside me and all these articles I wrote in a short period were the result of reading and listening to the Holy Quran constantly .

I can say , my dear reader, that constant listening to the Holy Quran increases the creativity in the human being and this is what happened to me. I still remember that before reading and memorizing the Holy Quran I was unable to write a single sentence correctly , but now I am able to write a scientific research paper in a day or a couple of days.

So we can see that listening to the Holy Quran does not only help in healing illnesses, but also contributes to developing the human personality and the communication skills together with the ability of creativity and coming up with new ideas. Therefore, you, dear reader, can try this and definitely will get fantastic results.

Scientific Facts

In 1839, the scientist” Enrick William Duve” discovered that exposing the brain to certain wave sounds can affect it positively and negatively . When he exposed the ears to different wave sound frequencies, he found that the brain reacts with those sound vibrations. Then, scientists found that the brain cells are in a state of vibration during its life time. Each cell vibrates in a certain system and is affected by the other cells around it. So it can be noticed that any bad incident can lead to a disorder in the vibration system of the brain.

Neural cell in the brain in a state of constant vibration. This cell contains a complex program through which billion cells around interact in an amazing coordination that exhibit the greatness of God. Any disorder in this program leads to a deficiency in the immunity system and causes diseases.

The mechanism of the cells in processing information depends on vibrating and producing electric fields through which a human being can talk, move, drive and interact with others. Therefore, when negative actions such as the shocks , embarrassing situations or problems that happens to a person during his/her life accumulate , they cause a kind of mess in the brain cells. This mess is irksome and exhausting for the brain because it does an extra unnecessary work.

Before the baby is born , his brain cells begin vibrating rhythmically in a balanced way. But after its birth, each action will influence the brain cells and the way they vibrate. So if some of the brain cells are unprepared to tolerate high frequencies, this may cause a disorder in the vibrating system which in turn leads to a lot of physical and psychological diseases.

Nowadays, scientists state that each form of behavior is a result of a certain vibration of the brain cells and they asserts that exposing a human being to certain sound frequencies frequently changes the way in which the brain cells vibrate (i.e. changes the frequency of the cellular vibration).Consequently, there are frequencies that make the brain cells vibrate positively and actively and there are others that hurt the brain cells and my cause death. Therefore , the important question now is What are the frequencies that can be suitable for the brain??

Scientists also discovered that the DNA strap inside each cell vibrates in a certain way as well. This strap contains the necessary information for life, so any changes resulted from an accident ,a problem, a virus or a disease attacking the body could make it vibrate less than the normal speed. And the best way to make this strap perform well is reprogramming this strap using a certain wave sound. Thus , the strap as the scientists assert, reacts with those waves and starts vibrating vigorously. However, there are some waves that might damage this strap.

Recently, many therapists treat people using wave sound vibration to cure some incurable diseases such as Cancer and some other chronic diseases in which the traditional medicine has failed . They also found this way useful in treating some psychological diseases such as Schizophrenia, Anxiety, sleeping problems and some bad habits such as smoking, drug addiction and etc.

What is the best medicine?

The best medicine to cure all illnesses is the Holy Quran. This is a result of a long time experience in treating people. Many cases that had incurable illnesses recovered after exposing them to the recitation of Holy Quran. That is because of the ability of Holy Quran in rebalancing the brain cells and increasing their capability in performing well.

Each cell has a vibrating system that Allah has created to do its job and those cells do not understand the speech language but they deals with frequencies and vibrations like those in the mobile phones which receive electromagnetic waves and in turn send other waves. Therefore, we can say, metaphorically, that in each cell there is a very complex mobile phone. And you can imagine thousand billions of cells in your brain vibrating rhythmically in a way that no human being can understand , realize or imitate and if any cell was being in disorder , all the body would be in a disorder. So Holy Quran is a blessing that urges us to thank Allah . But do we really appreciate such a blessing??

An image for the brain cells in which we can see the damaged area appear in red color .Those cells are not so active, and nearly lack energy. Those cells are about to die. But after exposing them to a certain wave sound they start vibrating actively. (source: National Research Council of Canada)

The Verses of Holy Quran Heal

 According to the recent discoveries, scientists say that any illness must make a change in reprogramming the cells and each cell works according to a certain program from birth to death. Therefore, any physical or psychological disorder causes a confusion in the vibration system of the cell which makes a disorder in the cellular program. So we need to restore and correct this program in order to heal this disorder.

During my meditation with the Holy Quran , I found that there is a very precise digital system in each verse. Those verses, however, do not only carry the language of numbers but also carry some thing like what we call “data” or “programs” that can deal with the cells. Therefore, we can say that those verses carry the language of those cells!!!!

The reader may think this unscientific theory, but I assure you that I found a lot of verses in the Quran confirming that the Holy Quran verses carry a lot of data exactly like those normal radio waves used in carrying information, music , sounds and so on.

Allah says in His Holy book

Had it been possible for a Lecture to cause the mountains to move , or the earth to be torn asunder , or the dead to speak , this Quran would have done so . Nay , but Allah ‘ s is the whole command .(Ra’d:13:31)

If we deeply analyze this verse we, we can come up with this question: How can the Holy Quran cause the mountain to move, or the earth to be torn or the dead to speak?? The answer is through the data that only dead people can understand.

As the mountains are concerned, it is known that the earth layers move slowly nearly few centimeter a year, driving the mountains to move, too. This movement is resulted from thermal waves produced from the melting area under the crust. Therefore, we can say that the Quran contains data that can deal with these thermal waves causing layers to stir and move faster that makes cracks and earthquakes; and cuts the crust into many small pieces. This great power is put in the Holy Quran, but we are not allowed to reach it . Instead ,we have been told about this great power to realize how great is this Holy Book. Now, Can this Holy Book which has this advantage of this great power heal weak creatures like human beings???

When Allah tells us that this Holy Quran is a” healing”, this means that it carries data and programs sufficient to heal the damaged cells in the body and cures what the doctors was incapable of.

The easiest medicine for all illnesses and diseases

Dear reader! I can say confidently according to my experience that from a simple change in your life you can get unexpected big results that may change your life completely as it happened to me before you. What you have to do is to listen to the recitation of the Holy Quran as much as you can all the time: in the morning, in the afternoon , at night, while you are asleep, when you awake up and before you sleep. What you need to listen to the Holy Quran is to have a media such as a Lap Top, a tape recorder, a small iPod or mp3 with headphones, a TV, a radio or any other device.

The Holy Quran recitation sound has wave sounds that have a certain frequency and a certain wave length. These waves spread wave fields that affect the brain positively and restore its balance. This grants the body a strong immunity to resist illnesses or diseases such as Cancer . Cancer is a disorder in the performance of the cells, so listening to the Holy Quran reprograms the cells as a computer which was full of viruses and was “reformatted” and downloaded with new programs in order to perform effectively. This is what man-made programs do for computers. What about the programs which are carried in the words of Allah, the creator of all human beings.

The amazing effect resulting from Listening to Quran

 The continuous listening to the recitation of Holy Quran gives you the following real fruitful results:

–                      increase the immunity of the body

–                      enhance the creativity sense

–                      improve the concentration ability

–                      heal the chronic and incurable illnesses

–                      change the behavior and enable people to communicate better and gain trust

–                      create inner peace and heal the neural tensions

–                      heal nervousness, irritation and precipitation

–                      improve the ability of taking right decisions

–                      decrease fear and hesitation

–                       improve and strengthen the personality

–                      heal the normal illnesses such as allergy, headache, flu ,etc.

–                      improve the speech ability

–                      protect from diseases such as cancer and so on

–                      Change some bad habits such as excessive eating and smoking

 Dear reader! those things I mentioned above are the results I myself got: I remember I was a heavy smoker and could not imagine giving up smoking ever, but after the continuous listening to the Holy Quran I found myself giving up smoking without any effort. I was really surprised “how my life changed and why? But after I read about the recent technique in healing ,one of which was the therapy by sounds and sound frequencies, I knew the secret of this great change in my life. It was listening to the recitation of the Holy Quran. What I simply did was only listening to the Holy Quran continuously.

To conclude, I ‘d like to tell you a fact that I encountered and really tried: howsoever you spend your time in reading or listening to the Holy Quran, you will find that this time will not be wasted nor decreased . But you will notice that you will always have an extra time. You will find that the same works that takes sometimes days or hours to be done can be finished in few minutes only!!!

“O mankind! There has come unto you an exhortation from your Lord , a healing for that which is in the breasts ,and a guidance and a mercy for believers . Say : In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy : therein let them rejoice . It is better than what they hoard . (Jonah:10:57,58)”


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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Your soul needs salah [daily prayers]

Dear Readers,

Today I want to talk to you about a serious matter

How many times, have you heard about prayers? So many times, I am sure

Many people, not only Muslim men and women, but the whole humanity, do not pray

They believe that this is a waste of time because prayers mean subordination, superstition, something that men have invented in order to enslave others, that the church has invented in order to control the masses…..

Or there are others who do not deny the fact that prayer is obligatory but are indifferent to any form of worship. They think :”I don’t have enough time” or they say: “When I will grow old, i’ll do it because old people have nothing to do so they can pray instead of staying idle”…….there are so many reasons that we give to ourselves and this is so sad!!!

Religion has been marred by human hands and human minds. it has been corrupted yet if you make an effort to research, you will surely realize that God exists. Yes, He does!! He is the Creator of all and He knows specifically your needs

Your body has been created with many elements. That is why you  need oxygen to breathe because your body has ether. You need water because your body contains a high percentage of water. Likewise, inside your body, there is a SOUL.


My point here is to make you understand. if you have a physical body, you need to feed it but  your soul is made of spirit, so how do you feed it?

O please don’t tell me that your soul does not need food. It does not require material food but it requires SPIRITUAL FOOD BECAUSE THE SOUL IS SPIRITUAL

I hope by reading this, it is making sense to your mind because the mind understands things through the intellect. [in our next topic we can discuss the food for the mind]

Right now, I am saying that your soul needs food this is why the Creator of the whole universe has prescribed FOOD FOR YOUR SOUL and this is SALAH [obligatory prayers]

If you do not feed your soul, you will feel depressed, lethargic, confused and very often you don’t even realize that you are starving your soul. You are doing a great injustice to your SOUL because you are taking care of your stomach and you are neglecting your soul. The reason for this is clear, when your body is hungry, you are used to feed it. Often we feed it too much that we fall sick. When the heart aches because somebody has hurt you and left you, then you cry because you feel the pain. So, you try to feed your heart with loving people and having people who can love you. But what about the soul? The soul is hidden. it does not manifest itself in the same way as does the heart or the stomach. So you have the tendency to neglect it because it does not manifest itself in the same way. You think it does not require food and this is where you are wrong

In fact, all your problems come from this ignorance. You need to feed your soul with spiritual food. As I mentioned above, your soul is spiritual. So, salah with awareness and consciousness brings solace to the soul. The soul must be nourished five times daily. like you feed your stomach three times daily with a complete meal, so your soul needs five times to be nourised.


Uthman bin ‘Affan (May Allah be pleased with him) reported:
I heard the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) saying: “One who performs ‘Isha’ prayer in congregation, is as if he has performed Salat for half of the night. And one who performs the Fajr prayer in congregation, is as if he has performed Salat the whole night.”

reference : Book 9, Hadith 81

Putting your head to the ground five times daily is a unique opportunity given to those whom Allah loves – Ammaara Uddeen 

Raising your hands up and asking the Creator for your needs, is a sign of humility. Only God the proprietor of the Worlds possess all the treasures and wealth while you are needful of Him. So, everyday, raise your hands in supplication and ask


I wish you all a happy life

May you take care of your soul by nourishing it five times daily

Author: Ammaara Uddeen