Reflection can stop you from sinning – remember what make you a human being!!!

The beautiful example of a muslim and a muslimah is that they set themselves as a model of Islamic virtues. They enjoin what is good and THEY FORBID WHAT IS WRONG. Subhan Allah. Glory be to Allah, who is Perfect and Excellent.

Sins open doors to more sins. This is why where there is fitna, we do not and cannot see ‘the wrong’ in it. So, do not follow blindly a man or an individual. Take the Qur’an as your guide and follow the prophet Muhammad [pbuh] in his sunnah, and supplicate Almighty Allah for guidance, good companionship, wisdom and protection of all our affairs.

Everyone is free to discuss and express himself. And we all know it, today, people want to express what they feel even on things which they have no experience, no knowledge at all. Subhan Allah. However if we speak out of proof, that is out of the Shariah context, then this ‘freedom’ will be sanctioned by Allah. Kufr [rejection, disbelief] can operate in our niyyat [intention], our thoughts, our discussion, our deeds and what we spread around us….so, dear brothers and sisters, let us remind ourselves of what we are propagating…..insha Allah.

Sister Ammaara